Spring Travel Trends with Emily Kaufman: Tips on Deals, Travel Safety & More

Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom

Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom

After years of trimming travel budgets, Americans are eager to pack their bags and get on the road again this spring to escape the winter weather.  Spring break means that both parents and children from grade school to college are gearing up for an annual dose of fun, festivities and frivolous vacationing. And who isn’t looking for a travel deal?

There are lots of ways to get a lot of bang for your buck for a fun getaway and Emily Kaufman, the Travel Mom, has some tips for your spring vacation.

It’s Wave Season – A Great Time to Get Cruise Deals.  Cruises are always a great travel value because you get great food, entertainment, and adventure for one price. Right now, it’s Wave Season – that’s when cruise lines work overtime to book as many cabins as possible for the upcoming season and have great deals to get you to book early.  Expedia has teamed with several cruise lines and has great deals from now through summer to save you up to 75 percent on standard fares on select cruises plus so much more. Go to Expedia.com and check out the cruise site for deals to places like the Bahamas, Europe and Alaska. And if you book a cruise with Expedia before February 28th using your MasterCard, you’ll get up to $300 in onboard credit per cabin. You can also get free upgrades plus up to $150 onboard credit on Norwegian Cruise Line as well. You can find lots more cruise deals at Expedia.com.

New Ways to Protect Your Mobile Devices When You Travel.  Losing your smartphone on vacation is probably worse than losing your wallet these days since we have everything stored on it from bank account numbers to social networks, email and other personal aspects of your digital life.  Not to mention it also has all of your irreplaceable vacation photos.  If your phone or tablet gets lost in the excitement of vacation, you can now prevent anyone from accessing it until you can track it down with Norton 360 Multi-Device which remotely locates and temporarily locks your device.  Also, be careful when using public Wi-Fi networks at airports, hotels and cafés, since they can be a virtual paradise for cyber-criminals looking to steal your personal info. You should use a private VPN service like Norton Hotspot Privacy to protect your signal. More details are at Norton.com where you can download these products to protect your devices BEFORE you travel.

Keeping Little Kids Comfy in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.  Parents also can turn to technology when traveling with infants and children. The New Snugli All-In-One Car Seat is the first of its kind to feature a temperature management technology called  OUTLAST® – a patented foam that helps keep children well insulated and prevents them from getting too hot or too cold.   This is a smart innovation since skin temperature plays a vital role in keeping children comfortable while riding in car seats.  It has a lightweight design to make it easy to use in a car or in a plane.  It is available at Buy Buy Baby and specialty stores for $329.99 and and you can find out more at Snugli.com.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Adventure to Your Travel Plans.  Last year on Emily’s 49th birthday, she challenged herself to have 49 new experiences before turning 50 and she became fearless in her pursuit to add adventure into her travel plans.  She took up skydiving, bungee jumping, co-piloting a small plane, and much more. She is currently in production this spring on a new travel/adventure television series, Fear-Less-Living, with The Scripps Network inspired by her successful 49before50.com blog.


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