New Ways to Make Life Easy with Latest Technology Trends

If life feels like you’re burning the candles at both ends between demands of career and family, busy mom and lifestyle expert, Emily Kaufman, has new ways to make life easy because everyone needs solutions to everyday life issues and problems that can save time, money and simply make life easier. Instead of letting life control you, it’s time to take control of your life with these helpful tips.

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A Smartphone is the Technical Version of a Swiss Army Knife. Nearly half of Americans say they can’t last more than 24 hours without their smartphone. That’s probably because they are the key to helping us manage our busy lives and save time on all sorts of things including our finances.

Constantly Connected-450x370This is according to a Bank of America study that also found that more than 60% of people say they have tried mobile banking. Emily knows this first hand with her busy travel schedule and a daughter in college — mobile banking makes it possible for her to take care of her banking responsibilities on the go. The study also found that nearly six in 10 people have used mobile check deposit because it’s a convenient and easy way to deposit a check anywhere and anytime. Nearly 40% of people use mobile check depostit frequently – allowing them to take care of their banking whenever they choose. More information and download the mobile app at Bank of

Don’t Be Left In the Dark During a Power Outage. September is National Preparedness Month and it’s important to have a plan with your family for when severe weather strikes so you know what to do before, during and after. You may not think it will happen to you, but 36 percent of American households have experienced a power outage in the past year, a new survey shows. Power outages are very common during bad weather so you need to keep a portable light with fresh Energizer batteries in every room to ensure you’re not digging through closets or drawers looking for that flashlight in the dark. Energizer has portable lights to ensure you’re ready for any situation including Weatheready® lights,  Energizer® lights with Light Fusion Technology, and Headlights that are compact, versatile solutions designed to keep you and your family safe during a weather emergency.


Always Be Prepared for Weather Emergencies. According to a recent survey by Energizer finds that only 38 percent of American households keep an emergency kit at home for severe weather situations. Everyone should keep an emergency kit stocked with bottled water, canned food, copies of vital information, a first aid kit with prescriptions and an Energizer® Emergency Weather Station, which acts as a light, radio and charging station. Also, make sure to charge your cell phone and ensure that your radio and flashlight have fresh batteries. Energizer® MAX® with Power Seal Technology are long-lasting and designed not to leak in your devices.

Technology Solutions to Deal with Every Day Problems. In today’s busy world, you really need to make technology your friend and that’s why a smartphone is essential. There are so many apps designed to help you. You can make your finances easy with mobile banking like with Bank of America’s mobile banking app, download fitness apps to track how many miles you walk, run or cycle, find a handyman or house cleaner with the Handybook app, and even a check on your home when your not at home with Logitech Alert App.


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