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New Year, New You: It’s Time for You to Reinvent Yourself & Give Your Life a Makeover in 2011

December 29, 2010

December 2010:

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee, Hollywood Make-Up Artist

The countdown to 2011 has begun, but forget New Year’s Resolutions. They lose their steam in just a few weeks. In fact, recent research shows that while 52% of people are confident they will succeed with their New Year’s Resolution’s, only 12% actually achieve their goals (Quirkology). But the New Year is a great time to give your life a makeover and it doesn’t have to be that complicated.  A new look may be all you need and there’s lots of ways to reinvent your life in 2011 if you take a lead from Hollywood.  Madonna is the master of reinvention; Gwyneth Paltrow has gone from film star to a new country music sensation; and who new with one haircut, Harry Potter’s Emma Watson could not only change her look, but the entire direction of her career. Celebrities are the masters of reinvention and no one knows that better than Hollywood Make-Up Artist, Michele Lee. You’re never too old or too young to reinvent your life.

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Easy Ways to Reinvent Your Life in 2011. For most people, New Year’s resolutions don’t last but lifestyle resolutions are a life long commitment and usually you think about reinventing your look for a new life and celebrities are the masters at it.  Something as a simple as a haircut and eye make-up can change a career direction and the celebs that are really setting trends now from hairstyles to make-up include Rhiana, Taylor Swift, and Mylie Cyrus.  Now whether you’re a celebrity or not, most women are looking for ways to turn back time especially where their skin is concerned.  However, unlike celebs, your budget is probably a concern.  Michelle has recently discovered a nighttime moisturizer that gently resurfaces skin as well as a light chemical peel in just seven days – the new Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixir from Olay.  It’s dermatologist tested and gentle enough for daily use and has a light, fast-absorbing formula designed to work with your body’s natural nightly changes to accelerate skin’s natural exfoliation and help gently resurface for tighter, smoother skin in the morning.  You can get it at your local drugstores for under $25.

How to Capture the “Fountain of Youth” Like Celebrities Do. One thing most celebs know is that great skin and great make up starts with their diet.  It’s sort of like beauty starts from the inside out. You need to keep your skin hydrated and Michelle recommends you drink lots of water and eat foods that are rich in healthy, fatty acids like fish and avocados which help hydrate your skin and hair.  In fact, one-fifth of a medium fresh California avocado has nearly 20 beneficial nutrients and acts as a nutrient booster by enabling the body to absorb more fat-soluble nutrients, such as alpha- and beta-carotene.  Now, your resolutions can get easily derailed when eating out, that’s why like restaurants like Applebee’s. They’ve just expanded their Unbelievably Great Tasting & Under 550 Calories menu and have also added new Weight Watchers selections.  You get full portions of steak and potatoes, shrimp and pasta – great flavors and all less than 550 calories. They even have Skinny Bee cocktails that are lower calorie versions of margaritas, mojitos and Long Island Iced teas. You can get more info on

Five-Minute Makeovers. The average woman wants that professional celebrity look but they don’t want to spend the time doing it and many don’t have the time.  That’s why the mineral make-ups are very popular right now.  You put on a moisturizer, dust on a mineral make up foundation, add a little mascara and some cheek color and you’re out the door.  You’ve given yourself a quick youthful glow to your skin in five minutes and the natural look that is popular with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston.

Lifestyle Changes That Don’t Cost a Dime and Even Save You Money. Pilates is very popular with celebrities for keeping fit because it helps strengthen muscles and elongate your body as well. A lot of celebs have personal Pilates trainers but now you can get similar work outs on DVD for about $20 or less and you don’t have to have hire a private instructor to get the same results.  Valerie Bertinelli and The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels both have DVDs that give you a great workout.  So aside from the initial minimal investment, it doesn’t cost a dime to work out in your home.  It sure saves on gym memberships, but you do have to be dedicated and disciplined to work out three to five days a week.

Lifestyle Changes That Don’t Cost a Dime and Even Save You Money. Not only is Michelle Lee a Hollywood Make-Up Artist, but she also runs a professional network for hair and makeup artists.  Technology can help you get organized from the internet to today’s smart phones.  One of the things she preaches to members is to have a good solid financial plan and to take care of and track your expenses so that you’re living within you means and make sure you’re not going to into debt. She has a free downloadable spreadsheet at

Michelle Lee has worked as a professional Makeup Artist for the entertainment industry for over 15 years. She specializes in getting celebrities red carpet ready for press related events and appearances plus provides the perfect on camera look for TV shows to music videos.  She believes in a complete approach to helping her clients achieve the perfect on-air look that starts with a good diet to promote skin and advises for wardrobe as well.  Her clients includes a roster of A-List celebs including Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert Redford, Danny DeVito and Jack Black to industry legends like Kirk Douglas, Martin Landau, Sally Kellerman, Neil Sedaka, Mariel Hemmingway, Maureen McCormick & George Hamilton (to name a few). Michelle has been in demand to teach her Hollywood make-up techniques throughout Japan. She is also the CEO of The Hair & Makeup Artist Network (HMAN), a professional organization for independent Hair & Makeup Artists (